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With all the fuss and interest in the astonishing ‘face’ and ‘code’ formations at Chilbolton, there’s still some confusion over what they represent. MARTIN NOAKES presents a clear summing up and interpretation of what researchers have found so far, whilst adding his own personal views on their significance…

1) WOW 2001

As most of you will now be aware, the most extraordinary crop glyphs appeared in land next to a government-run radio telescope at Chilbolton in Hampshire, August 2001.

Due to the nature of the sensitive equipment on site, it seems inconceivable that high levels of security would not be in place, including state of the art CCTV, but a contact of Colin Andrews says the fields were not covered. Researchers are trying to establish whether anyone on duty, (and it’s manned 24 hours a day) saw anything. Judging by past situations, I doubt if co-operation will be forthcoming.

So, what do we actually have here? We have a definite face, and we have what appears to be a reply to a message sent on 16 November 1974, from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Though it was first thought that both of these images arrived the same night, 19th August 2001, in fact workers report that the face was spotted on August 14th and that the ‘code’ arrived “several days” later.


The construction of the face is incredible! It’s constructed using a technique called ‘half tone’ (this is how newspaper images are constructed), whereby varying sized circles or dots are used to make up the image. The dark areas are, in fact, the standing crop, and the light areas are the flattened crop; it’s a ‘negative’. The dots have been arranged in such a fashion that the ‘light’ appears to be coming from the top left hand corner, and the dots create the shadows, which make up the overall perceivable shape. Though the actual light was coming from the bottom right corner when Steve Alexander’s much publicised picture was taken [though it has been turned upside-down to show the face – Steve was not aware that it was a face when photographing it], due to the ingenious method of design it APPEARS to be illuminated from the top left hand corner (you can see shadows on the top left of each standing dot, being cast by the dots, confirming the direction of sunlight). According to Richard C. Hoagland, famous for his ‘Martian monuments’ investigations, this is “Super Sophisticated Optical Engineering, on the scale of a wheat field”.

Different people have come to varying conclusions with regards to the identity of the face. Some say ET, some say the face on the Turin shroud [some say Posh Spice!], others say, and I tend to agree with them, that it represents our human ancestry, ie. the way we perhaps used to look. It would appear that the face has a protruding forehead, deeply set eye sockets, defined cheekbones, a nose and mouth.


In 1974, the SETI project (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) decided to create a message that would be beamed out into space from Earth. Frank Drake and Carl Sagan designed a message using binary information, the language of computers. This is a series of 1’s and 0’s / Yes and No’s / On and Offs. The design was a rectangular shape, about three times as tall as it was wide, and when all the 1’s and 0’s were in place it created a crude schematic diagram. It was made up of 1679 bits of information, which was the unique sum of two prime numbers multiplied. These numbers were 23 and 73. ie. 23 x 73 = 1679. The reason for this approach was to ensure that the message could only be arranged one way. The signal was beamed out into space from the famous Arecibo radio telescope towards the star cluster M13 on November 16th 1974. Why this area was chosen is not known.

The message of our original transmission, when assembled, means as follows, running from top to bottom:

ROW 1:
Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 to establish that we work in base 10.

Number Labels.

ROW 2:
Atomic Numbers for the elements = 1, 6, 7, 8, 15: Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen & Phosphorus. (These were specifically chosen, as they are the elements required for life.)

ROWS 3 & 4:
The formulas for sugars and bases for the nucleotides of DNA (on the assumption that other life would be similar to our own, and they could compare our DNA with theirs, and learn something about us).

The number of nuclear tides in our DNA.

Representing the double helix of DNA.

Representing us.

TO THE RIGHT OF THIS HOMINID FIGURE: A code representing the size of us, in terms of the 1-10 at the top, and in comparison to the size of the transmitter.

A binary code for the amount of people on Earth in November 1974 (approx 4 billion).

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth (offset towards the hominid to indicate our planet), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Curved line over an ‘M’, this represents the Arecibo dish, where the ‘M’ is the reflected and beamed out radio signal, which is still the most powerful signal sent from this planet to date (20 trillion watts of power).

Binary code indicating the size of the dish used to send the message.


The crop glyph varies from the original Arecibo message in a number of ways; some of them are as follows.

ROW 1:


ROW 2:
Contains the original elements, but has a further element added: SILICON. It was inserted in the correct numerical order. We now know that silicon plays an important role in life. We didn’t know this in 1974!

The DNA information is unchanged, except for the left hand side, which is suggestive of genetic modification of either ‘their’ (ET) genes or OURS!

The head is much larger, and the body much shorter. This is confirmed by the coded size beside it. Again, this could either be a representation of their (ET) physical attributes, OR OURS - after we were genetically upgraded, to have more intelligence?

Message (planetary population) = over 4 billion. Reply = over 21 Billion.

The reply has three planets offset towards the hominid. One of them appears to be surrounded by four moons. There will be much more to say about this in the future.

The diagram of the Arecibo dish has been changed dramatically. At this stage I feel it is impossible to correctly decode this part of the message. However, a year earlier, in the same field, and almost on the same spot, there was a formation that is clearly a detailed diagram of the transmitter section of the reply. It could be a physical machine, or something totally different. Some people are suggesting that it represents the power of thought/consciousness, and that this method of communication is instantaneous regardless of distance, and is even capable of creating the formations. I just wonder how many of the other similar looking designs represent machines / inventions / unimaginable gifts, including (I have no doubt on this one) FREE ENERGY!

I have compiled the opinions and findings of a number of researchers in this article, namely Richard C. Hoagland and the team he works with, Paul Vigay, who has done an astounding job on this, as well as ‘The Circlemakers’ web team, who have contributed valuable information.

My conclusion so far is that this is REAL! I also agree with the American Broadcaster Art Bell, who states that whatever else this means, he and his audience almost down to a person, feel that it means SOON - something will happen soon. Richard Hoagland thinks it means REAL SOON, before the end of the year 2001. One thing is certain, we have entered a different mode of crop formation that we can actually decode, and understand.

One last point. The Arecibo reply is linked to the massive Milk Hill formation by the fact that it has 409 circles, which is a prime number!

Whatever does or doesn’t happen, I think it is now fair to assume that we are not alone, and I for one think that in August 2001, the world started on an unstoppable route of change.

I would recommend everyone listens to Richard Hoagland’s interview with Art Bell, as it is logical and well presented - Select ‘program archives’; select ‘Audio 8/24/01 Richard Hoagland’, and afterwards select ‘8/27/01 Seth Shostak (SETI)’. Shostak, representing the official view, naturally debunks the Chilbolton formations. His only real argument is that they have to be hoaxed as the alternative is unthinkable…



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