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FACING THE CODE - 22/01/2002

JOHN COWIE thinks he can shed light on the Chilbolton formations of 2001…

I believe the appearance of the Chilbolton ‘Code’ and the ‘Face’ in a wheat field on the grounds of the Chilbolton radio telescope facility near Wherwell, Hampshire in August last year, puts an end to earlier speculation that climatic anomalies or hoaxers are responsible for every crop formation. In my view, it seems unlikely that the appearance of these complex formations, which show faces and hieroglyphics, could be caused by tornadoes, or man-made with a ball of string and plank of wood. So what can be the explanation for these crop formations?

I think that when the ‘Alien Visitor’ was on this planet, some 13,000 years ago, it was developing a way of transmitting and receiving messages inside and outside Earth. I believe that even though the Alien Visitor eventually left our planet, these signals or channels of communication may still be ‘live’. The crop circles may be the result of messages being sent on this ‘live channel’. Of course, because we do not know what the messages mean, it is, so far, impossible to know whether the Alien Visitor is still trying to communicate with us or is unwittingly using a ‘live’ channel. Perhaps the reason these crop circles appear near ancient monuments such as Silbury Hill and Avebury is because these sites were constructed to make transmission and reception possible.

Crop circles have been around for centuries, but it seems that in more recent times the number and complexity of these formations have increased dramatically. For whatever reasons it seems the ‘live channel’ is being used more frequently and with more skill. Perhaps the answers to our questions about alien life on Earth are about to be resolved.

As well as further new archaeological discoveries of ancient cities, Atlantis perhaps, or recovery of hidden artefacts locked away in museums, monasteries or the Vatican; or archaeologists and geneticists working together on investigating the DNA in ancient mummified remains; or the slow recovery of our hidden knowledge we have inherited from the offspring of the Alien Visitor and the bipedal Hominid species; or the arrival of a UFO with the return of the Alien Visitor; these ‘messages’ which were transmitted by the Alien Visitor when it lived on our planet that are appearing in crop fields could also offer us clues to the existence of the Alien Visitor on Earth.

I think we already have some opportunities for deciphering the crop circle ‘messages’, because we have the Alien Visitor gene and therefore a memory from the Alien Visitor. It is possible that we could be unknowingly accessing this memory when we invent ways of transmitting messages. By looking at the ways we send and receive messages we might be able to understand how the Alien Visitor did the same.

For example, in 1974 a message was beamed from a radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, aimed at a star cluster called M13. This cluster is about 23,000 light years from Earth and any reply can only be expected 40,000 years from now, at the earliest. However, the appearance of the ‘Chilbolton Code’ has attracted media coverage because it bears a resemblance to the image sent from Puerto Rico. Some newspapers have speculated that this crop formation is proof that our message has already been received. But this seems impossible because our message should only be at the start of its very long journey to M13.

I believe the real significance of the similarity between the M13 message and ‘Chilbolton Code’ is that we seem to be subconsciously creating the kind of images that are being transmitted to Earth on the ‘live channel’.

If we continue to study these crop formations we may start to understand the information the Alien Visitor communicates. This research may finally provide us with the answer to why the Alien Visitor came to Earth and what it achieved while on this planet. By comparing the subtle differences (see between the message we sent to M13 and the ‘Chilbolton Code’, perhaps we can unlock the meaning of similar extra-terrestrial transmissions that are being beamed onto Earth.

Finally, by analysing the crop circles in the context of how we send and receive messages, maybe we can understand how to decipher them.

One place where we could start is by looking at how and why we use binary codes so much in our communications. A computer translates the striking of the ‘?’ symbol on the keyboard as an 8-bit binary code 00111111 that represents the digital signal for ‘?’, which conforms to the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) convention. This string of ‘0’s and ‘1’s is easily handled by the computer as ‘0’ = no pulse, and ‘1’ = a pulse of electricity. Prior to the ‘?’ being displayed on the computer screen, the translation process is reversed and the ‘?’ symbol is then displayed on the screen and NOT the digital signal 00111111. Similar principles apply to radio and television broadcasts, where radio and television sets are the receivers, particularly with the move from analogue to digital technology.

So, the key question - did the Alien Visitor have the opportunity to perfect a means of transmitting information using its higher intelligence and Earth’s resources, before they and their ‘equipment’ were destroyed or damaged in the great flood? I can only assume from the complexity of the ancient civilisations that it had. So, should we expect to see more elaborate patterns, pictures and even messages, as time goes by, that may provide the answer to this mystery that confounds us? I believe we will - so sit back and enjoy the next instalment!

[This letter is apparently extracted from the second edition of John Cowie’s book ‘Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory’.]

Find out more about John Cowie, his book and other associated articles and web links at:

Original Arecibo message
Original Arecibo message


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