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PROPHETEERING - 10/04/2002

Crop circles are a fulfillment of a prophecy suggests ARISTEO CANLAS FERNANDO...

I wish to inform you that the crop circle phenomenon is a fulfillment of one of 19 prophecies revealed in 1979. The prophecy states: "The world will witness a number of unnatural and unbelievable occurrences, which are nevertheless true. (An example was given.) This is one providential notice of displeasure over mankind's waning regard for the Kingdom of God."

The prophecies were published in ‘The Philippine Panorama’, the Sunday magazine supplement of’ Bulletin Today’, a Philippine daily newspaper.

The prophecies may be read in my website:

The crop circles are real, unnatural and unbelievably true. They are not hoaxes. They are very difficult to duplicate. These must have been done by God as a notice to mankind's turning his back to God.

ARISTEO CANLAS FERNANDO, Peace Crusader. Motto: pro aris et focis


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