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GEOFF STRAY takes a new look at biological analysis of crop formations…

Finally, BLT’s website is on line (1), and it is a very impressive summary of twelve years’ scientific research into soil and plant changes in crop formations. With “plankers” or landscape artists, getting more media coverage due to the business world wanting custom-made advertisements, and formations being constructed to promote crop circle films, the BLT site is a port in the storm; an ally and shield against inevitable attempts to debunk the phenomenon.

Some crop circle enthusiasts find it offensive that science should get involved in a spiritual phenomenon – they see it as an unnecessary diversion that distracts our attention from discerning the messages hidden in the formations, and experiencing the trans-dimensional aspects, in the same way that thinking about the mechanics of reproduction would interfere with the mysteries of love. However, I feel that in both cases there is an appropriate time for mechanical considerations, in order to deal with consequences in the everyday world.

While perusing the BLT site, I discovered that the scientific findings could themselves conceal an unexpected message, thus unifying the scientific and mystical approaches, but first I must give you some background:

David Wilcock (2) has summarised the work of Russian scientist Alexey Dmitriev (3), who has found that planetary changes, solar changes, and solar system changes indicate that the solar system is now entering a band of magnetised plasma. As a result, “new plasma is being generated in the ionosphere,” and that this is going to cause “the spontaneous evolution of humanity as we now know it”. This is the reality behind New Age concepts such as the Photon Belt and Resonant Frequency Synchronisation Beam.

After 12 years of research, BLT has a working hypothesis (4) on the causative agency involved in the creation of crop formations. The necessary agent would have to be able to cause the anomalies discovered – such as the softening of stalks; “expulsion cavities” or blown nodes (that can be replicated with a microwave oven); an electric charge on the stalks; increased electrical conductivity on the bract tissue; swirling effects; melted magnetic particles; positioning on aquiferous strata (most formations are on chalk or similar water-bearing rock). Incredibly, there IS an agent that can cause all these effects, and it is called… plasma! As you may know, in the 1980s Terence Meaden suggested his “plasma vortex theory” as the answer to the mystery, but it went out of favour when the formations became more complex. Meaden’s theory was weather-dependent, but new forms of plasma have since been discovered, called “sprites”. A bit like lightning, but low-energy plasmas, as opposed to the high-energy plasma of lightning, they are plasma-tubes that connect the ionosphere with clouds. They move in spirals, emit microwaves, and have a magnetic effect that would pull down meteoritic dust from the ionosphere. In addition, they would be attracted to aquiferous geology!

An attempt to explain complex formations would involve the interaction of an intelligence with a plasmatic agent (be it extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional, species/group mind of humanity, planetary/Gaian mind, or other); this is where we leave standard science, to invoke the aid of fringe, or paranormal scientists.

So, there seems to be a possibility that the effects observed in crop formations may be a fore-taste of the physical effects that we will experience as the solar system becomes further embedded in the magnetised band of plasma. “Does this mean our knee-caps will explode, like the crop-stem nodes?”, I hear you ask. Let’s suppose that on a global, less concentrated level, the more severe effects will not be triggered – after all, the Earth has, according to Wilcock’s theory, passed through the plasma bands many times before, without wiping out all life-forms (once every 25,920-year cycle of precession).


It was while reading through the “Stunted, malformed seeds and germination effects” section of the ‘Plant Abnormalities’ page (5) on the BLT site, that the possibility of similar plasma effects on humans jumped out at me. BLT has discovered four levels of effects on seeds and germination, according to the level of maturity of crop at the time of exposure.

Immature crop (before flowering): the plant develops normally, but it is totally devoid of seeds.

Young crop where seed is forming: seeds will be smaller with reduced germination.

More mature plants with fully formed embryo: seeds small – no growth variability – all germinating seeds exhibit synchronised growth.

Mature plants with fully formed seeds: massive increase in growth rate and vigour – seedlings can tolerate extreme stress without harm.

So, if humanity is to be affected in a similar way in the near future, what exactly could this mean? There are several possible interpretations; here is the first one that occurred to me:

If “seed” represents spiritual preparation:

Those totally unprepared: will be unable to make a dimensional transition.

Those who have started preparation: will make a partial transition.

Those who have almost completed preparation: will make a low-level transition to the same state.

Those who have completed their spiritual development: will make a complete transition to a comparatively god-like state.

The second interpretation:

If “seed” represents fertility:

Those totally unprepared: will be totally sterilised.

Those who have started preparation: will be partially sterilised – reproduction may produce a race of mutants or dwarves.

Those who have almost completed preparation: reproduction may produce a race of clones.

Those who have completed their spiritual development: the next generation will be a race of gods.

As a possibly corroborative factor to what may seem like crazy speculation above, the BLT ‘Other Facts’ page (6) tells us that after visiting the 1996 Julia Set formation at Stonehenge, “more than a dozen women reported menstrual abnormalities, the most unusual of which was the reoccurrence in several post-menopausal women of their previous normal menstrual cycles.” We know from Lucy Pringle’s experiments (7), that this is probably connected with an increased secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland that sometimes occurs in the crop circle environment. So perhaps plasma can have effects on human reproduction. This pineal activation could also be involved in the god-like developments, due to its “third eye” connections – however, that’s another story.


I hesitate to continue to the next part, since I am not an advocate of modern Christianity. However, it is now accepted by some researchers that there were inner teachings used by the early followers of “The Way”, and that these early followers were actually Gnostics. Anyway, I remembered at this point, that there was a parable in the bible called “the sower”, so I located it in three versions in Mat.13; Mk.4; and Lk.8. Incredibly, it is a parable of four kinds of seed germination:

Seeds that fell on the path: eaten by birds

Seeds that fell on rocky ground: brief germination, then withering.

Seeds that fell among thorns: plants choked.

Seeds that fell on good soil: grew to full size and produced a huge amount of grain – “some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty”.

Even more incredible; the parable is explained (for the benefit of the disciples, or inner Gnostic brotherhood), as representing four types of spiritual development:

Those who misunderstand “the word”

Those who accept the word for short time (until stressed)

Those who accept the word for a longer time (until distracted)

Those who accept the word and understand it: they bear fruit and yield 100, 60 or 30-fold.

Mathew 13 continues with another wheat parable, about weeds choking the crop, and then gets very sinister, talking about harvest time, when the grain is collected into the barn and the weeds are burned. The harvest is “at the close of the age” and the reapers are angels. The theme is then expanded on in Revelation 14, the Harvest of the World, which is very nasty. However, some bible scholars think that the author added these parts to an original text (called proto-Mathew).

The “word” of course, is “Logos” in Greek, and is a Gnostic term that has been universally misunderstood, so perhaps a good place to start would be a website called ‘The Outlawed Logos Teachings of Jesus’(8), and in particular the page, ‘Details of the 5 stages of Consciousness’(9) which finds many models from psychology, mythology, palaeontology, and several religions, that all agree on five stages of development in human society and in individuals, as an evolution of consciousness, or “intellectual metamorphosis”. The mass of humanity is stuck in stages 2 and 3 - stage 5 is, in Teilhard de Chardin’s model, “the "convergence" or "mega-synthesis" of hyper-personal consciousness, oriented toward God, the Omega Point”. Also, the parable of the sower is seen from the same Gnostic perspective, as the very same five-stage model, where the fifth stage is a result of the “100-fold yield”

In summary, here are the 5 stages of Gnostic consciousness:

Stage I refers to non-rational beings.

Stage II refers to rational beings without a conscience.

Stage III refers to rational beings with a conscience.

Stage IV refers to the expanded consciousness (enlightenment) achieved by using both judgmental and non-judgmental laws of logic.

Stage V refers to an amplified form of consciousness in which the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

So, concealed in the results of scientific research, we find a clue that the side-effects in humans, of forthcoming plasmatic exposure (as the solar system becomes more embedded in a magnetised beam of plasma), will depend upon the evolved state of each individual at the time of maximum immersion. Those who are “ripe” will become fully-functioning neurons in the planetary brain as Gaia completes her gestation. This will allow all functioning human neurons to communicate telepathically, so “ripeness” would signify a readiness to have every thought telepathically broadcast. The timing of maximum immersion is probably co-incident with the end-point of the Mayan ‘13-baktun’ cycle (2), (10), since this 13-baktun cycle is a macroscopic version of the 260-day ‘Tzolkin’, and consists of 260 ‘katuns’ of about 20 years each. While the Tzolkin governs individual gestation, the 13-baktun cycle seems to govern planetary gestation, and the due date is winter solstice 2012 AD.

For much more on 2012 prophecy, go to:















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