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Our June headlines highlighted the fact that the famous 1995 ‘missing Earth’ formation (an apparent diagram of the solar system minus the Earth), actually showed our inner planets in position for 3/4th June 2004 - four days before the much-publicised Venus transit. We wondered what this meant. Now, since our original piece, we have received some very striking new information concerning this formation and others, embodying Mayan 2012 connections, astrology and beyond…

Our voyage of new discovery began when, in the wake of our June story about the Longwood Warren ‘Missing Earth’ crop formation embodying the date 3-4 June 2004, we were e-mailed by one ‘SOLAR STAR’, who wrote:

“Hello there Swirled News people. Regarding the circle that was four days from the celebrated Venus transit, showing the star map for the 3-4 June... if you look at the natural time Mayan Dreamspell Calendar for this date, you will discover it was Blue Crystal Hand kin 207 (4 June Gregorian - also full moon), which, according to the wizard’s long count, correlates to the famous winter solstice 21 December 2012, the long-prophesised end of the Mayan great cycle of 5,000 years. Maybe it’s a significant point of synchronisation or maybe its a "coincidence", highlighting the fact that we have to change the way we live by living natural time…”


Intrigued by this, we contacted GEOFF STRAY, our resident 2012 expert and webmaster for the best online 2012 guide, Though finding the above theory not as significant as it first seemed, the suggestion did, however, lead Geoff to an series of amazing discoveries connecting the Longwood Warren formation - and others - to clear Venus and 2012 references… Geoff wrote:

“I have checked on my Dreamspell calculator and it is true that the sign for 4th June was Blue Crystal Hand (equivalent daysign to 12 Manik/Deer in the Maya & Aztec versions), and it is also true that 21 December 2012 is the same daysign in Dreamspell. However, this is just an artefact of the system on which Dreamspell is based. In the True Count, December 21st 2012 is 4 Ahau, and 6th June 2004 is also 4 Ahau. The actual Venus transit in 2004, on June 8th, was 6 Ik, and Ik is wind and is the sign of Quetzalcoatl, who is associated with Venus! In 2012, the Venus transit will be on June 6th, and this will ALSO be an Ik day (1 Ik in the True Count)... the reason is that Venus transits are exactly eight haabs (365-day years) apart, and this was of massive significance to the Maya, since this period of eight haabs is 146 uinals (revolutions of the 20 day-signs), which is why they are both Ik days. 146 revolutions of the 260-day Tzolkin, on the other hand, gives the Venus Round 37,960 days, which is 104 haabs, two Calendar Rounds, and 65 Venus cycles (584 days each). Carrying it a stage further, three Venus Rounds are equal to one Mars Round, which is 146 Mars cycles of 780 days each (the Etchilhampton grid of 1997 had 780 squares).

All this significance is lost in the Dreamspell system, because they freeze the Tzolkin count at leap years, so the transits will not occur on the same daysign, and the Dreamspell does not incorporate the haab.

I am very grateful for this info, though, since it has brought to my attention the deeper significance of the Transits/calendar relationships.

Every 584 days (true average is 583.92 days), Venus performs a "retrograde loop", when Earth comes alongside Venus, and Venus appears to slow down and reverse direction for a while, then slows again and continues in its previous direction. The loops of Venus occur in a different place in the sky every 584 days, so that five of the loops form a pentagram in the sky over exactly eight haabs (365-day years). Further signs that the "missing Earth" formation is tied to Venus, is that the 16th January 1998 date as one of the matches previously given by Jack Sullivan as the date of the astronomical configuration implied by the formation, was during the retrograde loop of Venus, as are all transits of Venus. The second date given by Jack Sullivan - 4th June 2004, four days before the transit, was also during the retrograde loop. The outer ring of the Longwood Warren formation - the "asteroid belt" - consists of 65 circles, which is not only the number of Venus cycles (of 584 days each) in a Venus Round, again reinforcing the Venus connection, but in the Maya system it is also the number of baktuns (around 400 years each) in a 26,000-tun cycle of precession.

All this is encoded in another crop formation – one that appeared at Silbury Hill in 2002. It shows a pentagram with 13 scales between each pair of arms - total is 65 scales. Within the pentagram is another pentagram, with a single triangle between each pair of arms, representing 13 at a smaller scale. Thus we have the 65-cycle Venus Round that (as John Major Jenkins has demonstrated) was used to measure precession, with New Fire ceremonies at half-cycles every 52 haabs... this is the central pentagram, and around it is the pentagram that represents the five eras of 13 baktuns each that comprise the 65-baktun, 26,000-tun cycle of precession. This pattern is also represented in the reputed Round Table of King Arthur (Venus is encoded in the grail myth, as readers of Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ know) that is in Winchester (a probable copy of an earlier model), in which Arthur's twelve knights represent the twelve signs of the zodiac (on the ecliptic or path of the planets). In the centre is a five-petalled rose, containing another five-petalled rose, with a solar clump of stamens in the centre.

In 1518 and 1526, there were two Venus transits. Right between these transits, the Spanish invader Cortez arrived on the shores of Mexico and was taken to be Quetzalcoatl returning. The Aztecs were expecting the return of their feathered serpent god between Venus transits, but they mistook Cortez for that Venusian god and by 1521 he had taken Tonochtitlan and slaughtered the Aztecs. Since the second Venus transit occurs in the same year as the end of fifth precessional era (some Maya myths imply five eras, like the Aztecs, while others only mention four, like the Hopi Indians) in 2012, we might expect the return of Quetzalcoatl, in the form of a marriage of bird and snake, earth and sky, Shiva and Shanty, but should perhaps "beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises" [the message encoded in the ET and disk formation of 2002), as the Aztecs should have done.

Some confirmation of this is the formation that appeared at Huish in July 2003 and which reappeared as a ‘ghost’ in April 2004. It clearly displays the 13-baktun cycle, as shown in Jose Arguelles' book ‘The Mayan Factor’ on p.47. This is the most impressive link to 2012 ever to appear in the fields in my opinion.

Accompanying images:

Fig 1: Jose Arguelles' 1987 diagram of the 13-baktun cycle (with added shading to emphasise the shape).
Fig 2: Crop formation at Huish, July 2003 (photo: Steve Alexander).
Fig 3: Longwood Warren "Missing Earth" formation, showing angles between Mercury, Venus & Mars (original photo: Steve Alexander)
Fig 4: Angles between Mercury, Venus & Mars on January 16th 1998.
Fig 5: Crop circle at Silbury Hill, August 2002 (photo: Steve Alexander)


As if these revelations were not astonishing enough, meanwhile we also received this intriguing wider astrological perspective regarding the Longwood Warren formation’s potential significance to current global events, from professional astrologer HELEN SEWELL:

“I was very interested to read the amendment to the date predicted in the crop circle of 26 June 1995, because this makes far more relevance in connection to the transit of Venus over the Sun during its retrograde cycle and made me think of what the circle makers could possibly have been trying to reflect in it. This is what I would like to share with you in the course of my research.

The date of 3/4 June 2004 is in the middle of the Venus retrograde cycle which occurs once every 18/19 months, the last one occurring in Oct/Nov 2002. For those who do not know what the retrograde cycle is, put simply, it is the APPARENT backward movement of a planet as viewed from the Earth for a period of time, before it then appears to move forwards on its course again.

During this current cycle, Venus traversed from 9°40’ Gemini on the 14 April 2004, and then on the 17 May it ‘went retrograde’ at 26°07’ Gemini. It again reached 9°40’ Gemini on 29 June 2004 when it appeared to turn ‘direct’ (a forward motion), finally reaching 26°07’ of Gemini again on 2 August 2004. Any aspect that Venus makes to the other planets will consequently have three ‘hits’, therefore tripling the emphasis of the aspect during this period.

But what does this mean to the non-astrologically minded?

Let me give you a little rundown on Venus before I enlarge on the significant aspects it made during this time.

Venus, or Aphrodite, is the goddess of love in its most noble and its most degraded aspects. She was a complex goddess; the essence of feminine beauty and everything about her was pure charm and harmony. Yet she could be jealous, spiteful, vain, deceitful, treacherous, lazy and vindictive. She spread her life-bringing joy, yet she was also the fearful goddess who filled human hearts with strong passions. In astrology, she rules the signs of Taurus and Libra.

In a horoscope, the planet represents not only our relationships, but also what we value. I think it is fascinating to see how things are manifesting here on Earth on the world stage, as well as what many individuals are experiencing in their own personal lives at this time.

This year’s Venus retrograde cycle is particularly significant because of the transit over the face of the Sun on 8 June 2004. In ancient times, it was considered that if Venus appeared as an evening star for this event there would be peace and harmony. However, as we will recall, this year the transit was in the morning and this to the ancients was a harbinger of war and unrest.

The other most significant, and ominous, aspect that Venus has been making is an opposition to the planet Pluto, the dark Lord of the Underworld. The dates it made an exact opposition are 2 May 2004 and 2 June 2004. With the total eclipse of the Moon on 4 May in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio it made the aspect particularly powerful (the traditional belief being that eclipses signify difficult times, and with the Full Moon on 3 June - the date predicted in the crop circle - this again adds further emphasis). It had its final ‘hit’ on 25 July 2004.

It is my belief that the crop circle was trying to draw our attention to the potential of using this Venus-Pluto transit for mankind to make a huge leap in consciousness. One way of accomplishing this maturing process is through relationship, because, through a connection with another, our shadow is reflected back to us and we can then integrate this darker side with love and awareness, rather than disowning it and only seeing it in the other. Politically, America has been behaving like an overgrown teenager, with a ‘me-first’ mentality, naively treading roughshod over the rest of the world. Sometimes growing up isn’t easy and sometimes it takes some pretty tough lessons to gain maturity. 9/11 was one of them. Incidentally, George Bush’s Sun is exactly on the Sun in the chart of the USA, so he is very much a mouthpiece for the American collective.

In the horoscope of the USA, Venus has been transiting the portion of the chart to do with relationships and, interestingly enough, ‘the house of open enemies’. With the opposition to Pluto, this is undoubtedly a difficult time for America, but what is being asked at the moment is for a transformation in the realm of how they relate to the rest of the world and also its whole value system. If there isn’t the awareness to do this consciously, Pluto can be ruthless in its push to expose that which is hidden.

The Full Moon on 4 June 2004 was EXACTLY aspecting the point in the chart of the USA to do with relationships with others in a very challenging way. The total Lunar eclipse was EXACTLY aspecting this same point in the chart of the Republic of Iraq, again in a very challenging way. So the heavens are very much reflecting the difficulties we are experiencing here on Earth.

Pluto in the heavens at the moment is in Sagittarius and has also been opposing Venus in the chart of Iraq since December last year and will do so until 26 October of this year, synchronistically playing out the same theme as a dark backdrop to events.

What is so difficult about the opposition of two planets is that we tend to ‘own’ one end and project the other. What I feel is happening is that America is taking the Venus position (wanting to be seen as the non-aggressor, trying to build bridges, bring peace and harmony, etc.) and projecting Pluto (the destroyer) onto Iraq. Until the US can recognise their own Pluto, it will be very difficult to get a peaceful resolution.

It might be helpful at this point to turn to the myths to shed some light on what the circlemakers were trying to draw our attention to with this particular formation. These archetypal symbols are as much alive today as they were 3000 years ago, and the ones that are indicative of Venus and Pluto are the myths which have a transformational quality.

The myth of Persephone is particularly relevant to what America, and maybe in a different way, Iraq, are having to encounter at the moment.

Persephone is young and innocent, quite happily living her life with her mother, the Earth goddess, Demeter. However, one day Aphrodite decides to instruct Eros to fire an arrow of love at Pluto, the god of Death. When Persephone picks a narcissus flower, the earth opens up and Pluto appears in his black chariot and abducts her into the underworld. Entrance to Pluto’s realm means a death of some kind and therefore a transformation. There he rapes her and her innocence is gone. (This reminds me of how America has not been the same since 9/11, when Pluto arrived on the Ascendant of America’s horoscope.) The story describes a rite of passage: symbolically the adolescent must break away from the bosom of the family or ancestors in order to become a person in their own right. This means the old self has to die for a new one to be reborn. However, we inherently fight against death and change, but we cannot stay in Eden’s bubble for ever.

Pluto then did treat Persephone with honour and made her his Queen, but Demeter could not accept the change and in her rage allowed the Earth to fall barren. It was only the intervention of Hermes (Mercury) that saved mankind from starvation. The solution was that Persephone should spend half the year with her mother and half the year with Pluto in the Underworld. Hence the seasons.

Like Persephone, America and Iraq have, through their relationship, been plunged into the underworld (also representative of our unconscious shadow side), where they are having to meet their hidden complexes. The dark, shadowy areas such as power struggles, control issues, passion, rage, envy, jealousy and greed are exposed.

With this transit of Venus, it has brought out the dark side of the feminine, but with it also comes a big opportunity for not only these two countries to shine a light on their shadow sides, but also any relationship issues that are proving difficult. It is as if, on some collective level, we are being asked to lose our innocence and become conscious of our actions.

When Venus (or any planet) is going retrograde, symbolically it is a time not for moving forward, but more a time of going inward and reviewing our relationships and how we value ourselves and how we value others. I have to look up to the Universe and give a wry smile when I see what I believe to be these synchronistic patterns at work – whether it be fate or that the two are just a reflection of each other. 29 June 2004 was the date that had been agreed to hand back power to Iraq – the date when Venus finally goes direct! [In the event, curiously, the date was brought forward a few days – Ed]

Venus opposite Pluto is calling for change - deep, conscious change in relationship and our value systems, and the old way of being has to die to be reborn in a new, more enlightened form. The light of Venus has to be recognised, but also the dark of Pluto has to be brought into the light.
The experience of this Venus transit and retrograde cycle cannot only be witnessed on the world stage, but also on a very personal level. Venus is aspecting everyone’s horoscope to different degrees but we are all being challenged during this period to examine our value systems and our relationships.

I think what we are witnessing in the crop circle world is also indicative of this transit’s energy and how we are being asked to be very, very conscious of how we relate to each other and what we do and do not value.

This period was heralded as a time of love and harmony by many because of the popular image of Venus. However, this has not been the experience of many people I know, especially those born in the years 1965/66, and I hope in writing this piece I can perhaps help people to understand the darker side of this aspect and the purpose of the pain some people might be experiencing at this time.”


We also heard from KATE SMITH, with another possible connection to the date shown in the Longwood Warren formation. Initial reports across the American media of large meteorites falling around that date have allegedly since been hushed up. Kate gives website references here for further information:

“Perhaps the date was significant as a warning? I include the following links which may explain exactly what that warning may pertain to:

It began with a crashed meteor in Washington, on June 3rd, which made national headlines (link:, which was reportedly the size of a baseball upon impact.

Also see:


All in all, it would seem the Longwood Warren formation of 1995, whichever way you look at it, was an astonishing and important formation, even if its significance has only been realised retrospectively from the date it showed…


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