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We’ve received many good wishes and positive comments on the launch of Swirled News. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed us or written in! Here are a selection of some of them…

Congrats on your new web-site... looks great. Glad to still have a place to be exposed to your wit & wisdom whenever I feel the need for a ‘hit’ or two... looks like there is going to be a season, doesn't it? I think it may be most interesting this year. Bye for now.


A million rose petals must be twirling around you and your crew and will no doubt continue to do so for some time!! Your new Swirled News internet site is great and I have passed on this news to the people here.
Your piece on Colin Andrews is very enlightening and gets to the heart of the issues with the force of the straight-away manner that has become your trademark. And Michael Glickman's addition regarding the Foot and Mouth problems, etc., was very informative. Thanks for including my book review.


Just dropping a line to congratulate you on putting together a first-class website. I was one of those who felt mildly let down by your transference from page to screen, but I'm well-impressed by the layout. Such up-to-the-minute design - and what groovy colours. Here's to the new season, better late than never.


I love your website. It is a worthy Phoenix to rise from the ashes of SC journal. See, there is reincarnation after all. :-) The site is very well laid out and easy to navigate. The articles and features are great.
I agree with Andy Thomas' assessment of Colin's ‘Assessment’, which I too found to be short on specifics. It's good to see all the old gang from SC now in a different format.
I'm a US crop circle enthusiast who cancelled a trip to Wiltshire this year due to the F&M situation, so I'm really looking forward to your reports. I hope to get over there next year. I'm curious as to how F&M will affect the phenomenon and the hoaxing situation. Perhaps not as greatly as it would have otherwise if Karen Douglas's prediction of a normal summer comes true.
Best of luck in the future and thanks for being the eyes and ears of those of us who can't get to England every year!

MARK ARCHAMBAULT, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

Good Luck with the new venture Andy! The website looks slick and professional and up to date enough to have the first 2001 formation pictured! I have already circulated my internet list with News of the S-wirled


Many Congratulations on a great site. I really enjoyed SC and was really sorry to see it go BUT this promises to be even more enjoyable. Best etc., and many thanks


I think your site is great. It will be included in my August ‘Webwatch’ column in UFO Magazine (USA).


Congratulations to everyone involved on your Net debut! The entire site is an excellent read... You are off to a 'swirling' great start!


CONGRATULATIONS with the new web site. It looks very good, and seems unique in its kind. I'll have a look around ASAP.
And, by the way, as for: "Crop circles are made by people, straight and simple, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either misguided, a fool or a charlatan" (Dr David Whitehouse, BBC News Online)… As can be read in my upcoming book: "Anyone claiming that all crop circles can be easily explained as the work of human pranksters, reveals that he does not know what he is talking about." (Dr Eltjo H. Haselhoff, Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies)

ELTJO HASELHOFF, The Netherlands

Hi Andy and Team: It seems SC is badly missed, but you have moved on. I hope your style will not be crimped and that you will continue to exact verbal retribution to those who deserve it. That point is answered in your critique of over-priced and dubious information... However, we have learned that CA makes annual predictions which never seem to amount to anything!! I am looking forward to your punchbag (as opposed to postbag) feature. Keep up the repartee, it is great.

NICK NICHOLSON, The Circular Review

Just a short note to say congratulations on creating such a great site. It's a long overdue addition to the spectrum of sites about circles here in cyberspace.

JOHN LUNDBERG, The Circlemakers

Congratulations, guys! I look fwd to following yr progress with this endeavour as the Summer evolves :-)


I am pleased to see the site is up and running with simple, straightforward reporting! I look forward to being enlightened as the season continues! Thanks for all your hard work.


Looking good, Andy! I've bookmarked the site.


The site looks wonderful...I am very impressed!


Many congratulations to you and the Team for the production of Swirled News.
As I haven’t got a computer, I had alerted the boy next door to the magic time of 8.52pm on the 21st May (this was a very specific and worked out astrological time which we chose to go online at and announced at our SCR meeting the week before! – Ed). He phoned to say he had ‘got it’ and it looked very professional and would I like to go round?
It was great fun bringing up the various sections and seeing the Team photo! The boy next door is happy to help me keep in touch and I look forward to further viewing.


Well done! It looks very professional in style, which I think will work in your favour. Keep up the good work!

PALDEN JENKINS, Isle of Avalon

Best of luck with your new site.


Congratulations, looks great!

PAUL ANDERSON, Canadian Crop Circle Research Network

Thanks to everyone else who has taken the time to contact us with good feedback.


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