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Back in 1995, a formation clearly showed the inner part of our solar system, with the planets lined up as they will be on 6th September 2003… What should we expect on this almost imminent date, asks ANDY THOMAS?

It is still a criminally under-reported aspect of the crop formations that certain mid-1990s patterns showed very clear astronomical diagrams, depicting alignments of stars and planets due to take place in the coming years.

Some of those dates have already been and gone, most prominently the date predicted by the 1994 ‘galaxy’ designs. Before looking at the formation which predicts 6th September 2003, here’s some edited quotes from my book ‘Vital Signs’ regarding the ‘galaxies’, as a taster of what occurred before:


“It had been said by many people back in 1994 that the so-named ‘galaxy formations’ were clearly star maps. Yet it was not until 1998 before anyone took the time to actually translate the positions of what were clearly stars and planets into a definitive interpretation.

When amateur astronomer Jack Sullivan approached Southern Circular Research with his ideas, it was immediately apparent he had hit on something very important, and together we began to investigate further. Using the astronomical computer program ‘Red Shift 3’, Jack discovered that the West Stowell ‘galaxy’ of 1994 clearly showed a conjunction of the planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter (the three rings) superimposed over a map of the star constellation Cetus (the small standing tufts). A particular phase of the moon (the small crescent) was also depicted. Comparison to star maps showed that this was an alignment which was indeed due to take place in that part of the sky at midnight GMT on the cusp of 6-7th April 2000! The formation’s depiction of this was compacted (to enable it to feature within one circular frame), but irrefutable.

The importance of this date and the accuracy of the interpretation was solidified when Jack Sullivan looked at the other two ‘galaxies’ of 1994 and found that they depicted the same alignment, but from slightly different zoom perspectives and with different emphasis upon individual elements of the charts. Encouraged by such positive results, Jack went on to look at several other past formations in an astronomical light and discovered other plainly predicted dates within their configurations.

…Finally, the night of 6/7th April 2000 arrived… The planetary conjunction itself was considered remarkable enough to make it into the newspapers (which had no knowledge or interest in the galaxy formations). One even carried a story that some believed an unexpected (and, to some, suspicious) computer crash on the English stock markets on 6 April – the first day of the UK’s new ‘tax year’ – might have been caused by an unusual energy configuration generated by the astronomical alignment. Others simply ran stories about the visual beauty of the conjunction, which would not be repeated for over three thousand years.

On the night of 6/7th April 2000, one of the largest solar storms of the century erupted on the Sun, flooding the Earth’s ionosphere with particles and creating the widest sighting of the aurora borealis across the UK and other parts of Europe for many years, usually being restricted to more northern regions (hence its more common name of ‘northern lights’). I was lucky enough to witness this effect as a strange shifting curtain of red light above Alton Barnes.

The solar storm, caused by an enormous flare thrown out by the Sun as it approached its eleven-year peak of sunspot activity, had been measured by some observatories as a G4 event on a scale of 1 to 5 – very big, threatening satellite communications and other electronic systems.

So many questions arose… Was this what the galaxy formations were alerting us to..? Was the storm more significant than we knew, especially given the work of ‘alternative’ scientists like Maurice Cotterell on establishing the link between evolution, the rise and fall of civilisations, solar radiation and sun cycles? Was this current peak of the solar cycle (a peak in both the short-term and the long-term cycles) having a greater effect on our genes than we knew? Were we flooded this night with something of great value to our growth as a species? Was this, as some believed, a crucial moment in our evolution, signified by the galaxy formations six year’s previously? And if so, disturbingly, how did the circle-making forces know such an event would occur on this date?

The Sun, or symbols that certainly look something like it, has featured regularly as a recurring crop circle motif in recent years. Though we could never be truly sure whether the date inherent in the galaxy predictions coinciding with such a massive solar event was mere chance, many people felt that in the those formations, something, somewhere, was trying to signify something of importance…”


There are, of course, other significant astronomical designs, which appear to have their own meanings (all explored in ‘Vital Signs’ – see for details), including the famous ‘Missing Earth’ formation, which appeared at Longwood Warren, Hampshire in 1995 and depicts our inner solar system, but with the Earth omitted from the map.

However, one of the more neglected astronomical crop patterns is the so-called ‘asteroid’ glyph at Tichborne, Hampshire, which appeared on 20th June 1995. This is another unarguable depiction of our inner solar system, showing an alignment of planets due to occur on 6th September 2003... Now less than two weeks away!

The design shows all the inner planets surrounded by a ring of ‘beads’, which appear to show significant positions of Mars over an eight-year period – in other words, the exact period between the appearance of the formation and the 2003 date predicted. Interesting to note that Mars is currently at its closest position to Earth for many years (peaking a week before the date shown in the formation) and is very bright in the sky at the moment.

Jack Sullivan, in his original article which revealed the interpretation of this design (‘SC’ journal, issue 87, Nov-Dec 1999) writes:


“There is a remarkable correlation between the astronomical position and the Tichborne crop formation, even down to the angular offsets of the planets Mercury and Venus from the Sun’s centre line. There is, you will notice, a small irregular bead close to Venus, almost like a moon except that Venus does not have a moon. I believe that this odd bead is there to serve as a kind of asterisk, prompting us to pay special attention to Venus in our analysis.

The primary ‘message’ is that the formation represents the actual astronomical event shown in the computer printout.

The secondary ‘message’ is that the outer circle of beads in the formation allows us to calculate the time period between the appearance of the crop formation in 1995 and the actual predicted event in 2003. This is possible because of the positional arrangement of the five ‘Mars’ bodies shown in the outer orbit. Four of them occupy the left hand side of the Mars orbit and one only in the right hand side. Each of these positions coincides with the date of an Earth-Venus ‘Inferior Conjunction’ [closest approach], hence the significance of the ‘asterisk’ adjacent to Venus in the field formation.

There are five of these major conjunctions, which occur at known time intervals, thereby allowing a very accurate prediction of when the September 2003 event will occur.

…The Venus ‘Mean Synodic Period’ between the Inferior Conjunctions is 584 days. Multiplying this figure by five and dividing by the Earth year of 365 days gives exactly 8 years. The exact period is 8.2 years. This difference is accounted for by the 358 days before the first Inferior Conjunction added to the 301 days following the last Inferior Conjunction before the event on 6th September 2003. This total of 659 days is 73 days longer than one Synodic period, and 73 days is equal to 0.20 of 365, or one year…”


Interesting to note that, in Jack Sullivan’s interpretation, the planets shown in the 1995 ‘Missing Earth’ formation predicted an alignment which occurred on 16th January 1998 – with Earth placed back on the map, it was once again in Inferior Conjunction with Venus on that date… (The planets line up very similarly on 6th April 2004.)

So what should we expect on 6th September 2003, as shown in the Tichborne formation? Will there be another solar storm? Or some other celestial event? Or will nothing overt occur and we will be none the wiser? After all, the date shown in the ‘Missing Earth’ pattern wasn’t interpreted until AFTER the date had passed, and nothing apparently untoward or notable occurred, apart from the Inferior Conjunction with Venus.

Are there other meanings we need to look at? Some (those open to such arts – those who aren’t may wish to skip the next bit!) have wondered whether there may be astrological significance, particularly with Mars and Venus appearing to be so important to the formation. Professional astrologer Helen Sewell has the following to say:


“As Mars is the planet emphasised in this configuration, it would appear that our attention is being drawn to its energies. On 6th September it is in the watery realm of Pisces exactly opposite Jupiter in the earth sign of Virgo. Neither of these planets are particularly comfortable in these signs as the direct, fiery masculine energy of Mars is dissipated in water. It makes for passive aggression and trying to out-manoeuvre an opponent in a covert way. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and 'the big picture', is not at home in the earth sign of Virgo, which is concerned with precision and minute detail.

Jupiter is associated with our religious belief systems and our philosophy on life. Like its presence in the zodiac, it is the biggest planet and whatever Jupiter comes into aspect with, it expands the principle of the other planet. So when combining Jupiter and Mars in an opposition, the effects, without consciousness, can be rather dramatic. There can be a lot of aggressiveness in putting across one's religious standpoint; religious zealousness, a 'might is right' approach. It has a religious crusade feel about it. However, because Mars is in Pisces, though the competitive and aggressive principle will be aroused, the energy may not be expressed in its natural direct way, and could become repressed, then we are left with the danger of it bursting out in a more uncontrolled manner.

I have had many people ask me about the significance of Mars being so close to the Earth right now, and this in itself makes me think it is an energy strongly indicated in the collective and will be a significant time for us all. It seems that already people have been picking up on this increased Martian energy in their personal lives, as well as it manifesting in world events.

What is Mars energy all about? It's that masculine, forceful, creative energy; that uprush of energy that wants to initiate the new and has to act on that impulse, it is competitive and wants to be the leader of the pack. Mars is the ruler of the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and the first house in the chart representing our birth at the Ascendant. It is about new beginnings and it is interesting to note that our first thrust into life is often a life and death struggle - it's like we have to fight to be born and this is often experienced as a painful and violent expulsion into the world.

Martian energy is highly creative and serves us well in helping us to form as individuals, but is often impulsive in nature. What we need is to learn how to use it in a disciplined way, otherwise we get this 'load-fire-aim' approach in life.

Mars is not a planet interested in relationship - the god never marries. He pursues, conquers, but then leaves. Maybe there could be something in the fact that Venus is highlighted in the crop formation because it is a time, yes, when we should be using that assertive Martian energy, but we should also do it with Venus's ability to relate.

Many people seem to be tuning in to this Martian energy at the moment and are struggling with it in their personal lives. This can also be seen on the world stage with the EU and Iraq.”


One thing is for sure, something went to a lot of trouble to put these astronomical designs in the fields, and their accuracy and specificness is remarkable, not to mention a little disturbing… What an amazing phenomenon we are dealing with.

Mark 6th September in your diaries, then. But don’t come complaining to us if nothing significant occurs… The meaning may be far more subtle than we know – or only become clearer retrospectively.



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